Emsella: A Game-Changer for Faecal Incontinence Treatment

Faecal Incontinence

EMSella: The Best Faecal Incontinence Treatment – Lipo-Sculpt Cambridgeshire

Faecal incontinence is a condition that can greatly impact a person’s quality of life, causing embarrassment, anxiety, and discomfort. It is the inability to control bowel movements, leading to the involuntary passage of fecal matter. While it is often a source of shame and embarrassment, it is not uncommon. In fact, it affects millions of people around the world. If you are struggling with Faecal Incontinence, you might want to consider Emsella as the solution.

EMSella is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment for Faecal Incontinence that has gained popularity over the last few years. The treatment involves the use of high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology to stimulate the muscles in the pelvic floor. By doing so, it strengthens the muscles and improves their ability to control bowel movements. Read our Lipo-Sculpt Cambridgeshire blog about how this treatment works.

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How Does EMSella Work Lipo-Sculpt Cambridgeshire?

EMSella is a non-surgical treatment that involves sitting on a chair that looks like a typical office chair. It emits electromagnetic waves that stimulate the pelvic muscles. The treatment lasts for about 28 minutes, during which the muscles contract and relax thousands of times. This repetitive action helps to tone the pelvic floor muscles and improve their strength and endurance.

Advantages of EMSella Treatment Lipo-Sculpt Cambridgeshire

There are several advantages to choosing EMSella treatment over traditional methods for Faecal Incontinence. Some of them are:

Non-Invasive: EMSella is a non-invasive treatment that does not require surgery or anesthesia. This makes it a safe and painless option for those who are afraid of going under the knife.

High Success Rate: EMSella has a high success rate in treating Faecal Incontinence. Many patients who have undergone the treatment have reported significant improvement in their symptoms.

Quick Results: EMSella treatment takes only a few sessions to see the results. Patients can begin to feel an improvement in their symptoms after the first few sessions.

No Downtime: Unlike surgical treatments, EMSella requires no downtime. Patients can return to their daily activities immediately after the treatment.

Long-Lasting Results: EMSella treatment provides long-lasting results. Patients who have undergone the treatment have reported improvement in their symptoms even months after the treatment.

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Faecal Incontinence is a condition that can be debilitating, but it is not something that you have to live with. EMSella is a safe FDA treatment and effective treatment option that can help you get back to a normal life. With its non-invasive nature and high success rate, it is no wonder that it is gaining popularity as the go-to treatment for Faecal Incontinence. If you are suffering from this condition, talk to Lipo-Sculpt Cambridgeshireabout whether Emsella is the right treatment for you.