Please find our terms and conditions for Lipo Sculpt Cambridgeshire

Terms and Conditions

Appointment and Cancellations at Lipo Sculpt Cambridgeshire

All our clinic staffs are fully trained and have been approved to perform treatments according to our company’s treatment protocols. Lipo Sculpt Clinic, therefore, will not guarantee any of our clients continued treatment with a particular staff member.

We charge a cancellation fee for all unattended appointments. To avoid this fee, we advise you to give a 48-hour notice if you will not be in a position to attend your appointment with us. The cancellation fee that we charge is equivalent to the cost of a full treatment. From then on, Lipo Sculpt Clinic will require you to pay all your future treatments in advance. If you had previously purchased a course of treatments, and you do not show up for your appointment, Lipo Sculpt will charge you for the treatment missed. If our clients desire to cancel or reschedule their appointments, we advise them to call the specific clinic where they had scheduled the appointment and speak to a Lipo Sculpt Clinic representative. We do not accept cancellations and reschedules made through text messages.

All our clients are advised to arrive for their appointments at least 10 minutes earlier, so as to complete any necessary paperwork before they go in for their appointments. Clients who arrive late will have a reduced treatment session as the needed paperwork must be done before treatment begins. Our clinics also reserve the right to forfeit treatment sessions due to late arrival.

Lipo Sculpt Clinic will endeavour to attend to all clients’ appointments on time; however, sometimes this may not happen due to circumstances beyond our control. When this happens, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel clients’ appointments on short notice.

Prior to all your appointments, we will notify you in advance of any preparations necessary for your treatment. If you do not follow our guidelines according to the preparation information given, we reserve the right to cancel your appointment, reduce treatment session, or charge you extra fees.

If you had paid for your treatment in advance, and you change your mind before your appointment date, Lipo Sculpt Clinic will not give you a refund. Instead, our clinics will allow you to channel the payment towards a different treatment offered at the clinic.

Payments, Deposits and Credit Card Details

To secure an appointment at the any of Lipo Sculpt Clinics, we require a £50.00 deposit which is payable through bank transfers, cash, and credit or debit cards when booking. The paid deposit will count towards the cost of your treatment.

All treatment costs must be paid in full before treatment commences.

Any Purchased treatment courses cannot be refunded or transferred.

All deposit made by clients cannot be refunded.

Course of Treatments

All treatments purchased as a single course should be paid in full before the first treatment session.

Any purchased treatment course should be booked and taken within 12 months from the date of purchase. Our clinics will forfeit any purchased treatment courses that have not been taken or booked within the stated period of time.

All our clients are advised to follow their entire recommended treatment course and any other aftercare, to gain visible results as Lipo Sculpt will not be liable for any treatments that do not work due to clients’ negligence. The after-treatment results may differ depending on an individual’s response to the treatment; they are, however, not guaranteed. This could be because of their diets, lifestyle or medical condition of each client.

Who is Suitable to Receive the Treatment?

Before we allow you to undertake any treatment, we will first asses if it is suitable for you, or if it will be successful for you. If we find out that you are not suitable for any of the treatments that you want, we will inform you. You will only incur the consultation cost, where applicable.

Denial of Treatment

All our clinics have the right to deny clients, that had not made prior reservations, and treatment services. Clients will also be denied treatment if they do not inform us of their medical conditions that may be a hindrance to receiving our treatment; in such a situation, clients will be charged for cancelling an appointment.


Lipo Sculpt Clinic will not be held responsible for any tort, contract, any economic loss (without any limitations to loss of profit), or any other special, consequential damage from the provision of any services or goods that are offered at our clinics.

Clients are responsible for providing Lipo Sculpt Clinic with all the history of their medical conditions before they undertake any treatment. Lipo Sculpt will not be responsible for any clients’ injuries or any other damage that may be caused by clients’ negligence n providing their relevant medical history.

You are obliged to comply with any recommendations or/and aftercare instructions provided by/ on behalf of Lipo Sculpt Clinic concerning the area under treatment. These terms of service will not limit Lipo Sculpt Clinic from being held responsible for deaths or any client’s injury occurred due to our clinic’s negligence.

Special Offers, Discounts and Vouchers

All discounts offered at Lipo Sculpt Clinic only apply against the clinic’s recommended retail Price, and no discount will be used together with any other offer from our clinic.

Bookings at our clinics can be made using vouchers; however, if clients do not show up for their appointments, the voucher will be forfeited, with no refunds or transfers. The clinic requires a 48-hour notice to reschedule any appointments made using Lipo Sculpt’s vouchers. Any decision made by the management is final and is not open to discussions.


Clients will be charged a 100% fee if they do not show up for appointments.
Deposits are not refundable. However, if the client did not show up due to medical reasons verified by the management, the deposit can be used on the next appointment.